• Reaping the Rewards of the RPM Challenge

    So February is over, it’s balmy as all heck in Vermont, and as if we needed another reason to slap on those headphones and start the leisurewalks around town, February’s RPM Challenge has given us a whole heap of awesome new albums to crank! Here are a couple from F+F allies that you will love:

    Wax Mice- Trouble combines all the bittersweetness of Mr. Weiss’s lyrical genius with heavy hitting instrumental hooks that can only be described as groovy as hell. The title track will make you feel like your walk to work is part of the greatest film ever.

    Ho(a)rse Lady- Real Guitar, Air Guitar is the beautiful offspring of Burlington’s Wren + Mary. More raucous than their live stuff but still sincere and intriguing. Like that scuffed up teenage kid you thought was too cool for school but then caught helping a toad across the street that one time.

    Any other great local RPM albums you know about? Shout ‘em out!